WHAT People have said about the Unicycle Lady
I really enjoyed it. I spent the whole time trying to figure out if you were a unicyclist who took up comedy or a comedian who took up unicycling! ....I can only conclude that you are satisfied playing...for small, intimate crowds, or else you would be world famous by now!...
    Bunnell,  Baltimore, MD

“Isn’t that kind of dangerous.”
    Clint Eastwood, Actor, Producer, Director (as an extra filming In the Line of Fire) Washington, DC

Excellent Show!  Nice light hearted performance.  Good ethical message at the end to push and endure to reach dreams!!
    PE Teacher, Fox Mill Elementary

You must be an exhibitionist.  That must be a really good inner core workout.
    Ray Liotta, Actor, Ritz Carlton, Washington, DC

The performer was WONDERFUL!  Everyone was entertained and there was a huge age gap!  
    Recreation Director, Laurel  Community Center,  Laurel MD

The performer was outstanding. It was entertaining and educational.  The children were spellbound.  So was I.
      Teacher unknown, MNCPP, Brandywine, MD

“Tell me more little girl.  Tell me more.”
    Penn Gillette, Penn & Teller, Juggling Festival, Las Vegas, NV

Being 6’8” tall and weighing just over 300lbs, I am seldom picked up by men and never by women, especially not small skinny ones.  I was awestruck and amazed when you picked me up.  You put on a great show.  
    Rumbarger,  Baltimore, MD

Thanks so much for a great morning.  The only thing better than the weather today was your show!
    Valerie,  Gaithersburg, MD 

Great Program. Great interaction with the children at the conclusion of performance and allowing time for questions.
    K. Kremer,  Ann Arundel County School, MD 

I LOVED your act...your talent and sense of humor is really funny and very cooooool. I tell people I want to grow up to be the Unicycle Lady.....
    MCauley (age 45),  Greenville, SC
Your skills as a juggler, unicyclist, acrobat, mime, clown, magician and dancer were all quite impressive and everyone in the audience was thoroughly entertained. You have a unique ability to develop a quick and positive rapport with your audience, which transfers to a unique experience for everyone involved.
    G. Shelton,  Oakwood School, Annandale, VA

I’ve heard from several parents, who have said their children came home and stated today’s assembly was “totally awesome”.  You’re a hit!!!       
C. Zimmerman, Fairfax, VA

She arrived ready-to-go, was flexible....and truly made all the children laugh! The adults had an AWESOME time with her, too!      
      M. de Souza, Midland, Virginia

We think you are the best unicycle rider we’ve seen so far.    
     Sade & mom,  ’98 Waterloo Busker Festival, Ontario, CAN

“Lady with the blue hair, blue hair, blue hair, Lady with the blue hair “ (singing)
    Justin Timberlake, NSYNC, Bat Mitzvah, Bethesda, MD

..Staff and guests were very enthusiastic about the One Woman Wheelie Wacky Silly Suitcase Show. Her energy and skill made her performance exceptional.
    Uchacz, Applies Physics Lab, John Hopkins, Columbia, MD

Teachers told me the show was PERFECT. The Unicycle Lady kept the children’s attention-show shows pace was good and the message was good. Principal said the show was fantastic. Kids thought the magic, juggling and cycling was great! ...    
K. Eader,  Poolesville Elementary, Poolesville, MD

The dinner show was very good. Everything from ballroom champions to “the unicycle lady” (don’t ask, just take my word that it was funny)...
    Victor, ’Easterns Dance Review, McLean, VA 1998  

I loved your show immensely, you are a first class performer. What you do, and the way you handle, kids and adults, to make them part of the show, is excellent. I’m 60 and I have been watching performers for a long time, since I was a kid. I like a good one-person show, yours is way up there at the top. Your performance reminded me of some of what I have seen i Cirque du Soleil.....
    Hiram, Baltimore, MD

Coming upon totally unexpected happenings like this somehow make the experience much more than if one were prepared for them.  One of those rare theatre type events that you can lose yourself in. A wanted to say thank you for your energy, skill and show person-ship.
    Shaun, Alexandria, VA

Your skills are so finely honed that you appeared to float softly through your performance. I was mesmerized throughout by your grace and precision. I especially enjoyed your back and forth wheel walking and the self-mount onto your giraffe.  Superb!  You’re a real joy to watch!....I’ve been riding about 21 years.  You’ve rekindled my enthusiasm to get back into it.
    M. Larson,  Philadelphia, PA

My experience with the Unicycle Lady was fabulous!  Her ability to do the things she does on that unicycle is amazing.  She was very friendly, had a huge smile on her face and was so patient and kind to the children.  I am very pleased with her performance, her professionalism, and her positive attitude.  Thank you,
   Jennifer Mellor, Program Director, Recreation and Parks, City of Westminster

I wanted to tell you how much the IRC and HOPE program appreciated Lisa's performance. She was absolutely wonderful.  The children were so engaged and she really made a concerted and successful effort at working with the children individually and even teaching them some of her talents. They laughed and smiled and couldn't stop talking about how much fun they were having....
    Neha Ribeiro | Coordinator of HOPE Youth Program, International Rescue Committee, Baltimore, MD

Watching your performance was the highlight of our day. You also gave the boys something to interact with that wasn't plugged into a wall!! It was great- especially when you balanced the older one's skateboard on your chin. By the way, I'm the one who laughed at all your jokes.
     Laura, Waldorf, MD

It was my first time being in Baltimore. Your show really lightened the mood for the day.  You have a wonderful gift.
    B. Haney, Boston, MA

I have never seen anyone do the things you do on a unicycle                                                   
    unknown, Timonium, MD

You are the best unicyclist I have ever seen 
    water taxi driver, Baltimore, MD

I spent the whole week at the hospital with my daughter and you made me laugh. 
   unknown,  Baltimore, MD

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my son smile.  Thank you. 
    A mom from Newtown, CT, Baltimore, MD

I spent  a whole month at the hospital with my husband who has throat cancer.   I didn’t think I could laugh again
    Suzie, Waldorf,  MD

You are my hero.
    Sean, Baltimore, MD  

You gave me a reason to live.  
    unknown, Baltimore, MD